Who We Are

Mpahla is a South African household story told through footwear & apparel. It is a proudly South African unisex, stylish sneaker & apparel brand founded in 2017


This is a South African story that every household with siblings would identify with. The birth of Mpahla came about from a story of two brothers that used to share or alternate sneakers to clothes. Although they have over 10 year age gap between them, the younger one’s structure was such that he was able to fit in to his older bros clothes and sneakers. Each season they’d be excited about new sneakers lines & clothes releases & would sit & chose which items to try & buy & alternate so as to save money as it would not have been possible to afford two pairs of every item they liked.

As time went by & continuing to share clothes & sneakers, they decided to create their own sneaker. An affordable,unisex, stylish, comfortable sneaker line for an African child. Early 2016, they decided to start the process of realizing their dream of owning their own line however they didn’t follow through it. Mid 2019 they decided to revert back to the plan & started coming up with different designs. And as they say, the rest is history.